Monday, June 20, 2011

To Read or Not to Read...That is the Question!

Join us for the start of the summer reading program on Saturday, June 25th with a Shakespeare themed party!
Sign your name to the scroll.
Partake of some sweet tender morsels.

Activities will take place on Thursday evenings!
      June 30 -  Castle Construction
      July 7    -  Family Crests and Heralds
      July 14  -  Kings and Queens (learn to play chess)
      July 21  -  Bejeweled goblets, crowns and rings
      July 28  -  Masks  
      Aug. 4  -  Puppets: Fairies and Jesters
      Aug. 11 - Knights and Dragons
Saturday Aug. 13th - Renaissance Feast to close out our summer reading program!

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